Your Questions Answered About Functional Medicine
8 April 2020
How to Find the Best Functional Medicine Doctors In Chicago: 5 Things to Look For
8 April 2020

Wondering if a functional medicine doctor could help you? Click here for 5 reasons to seek out a functional medicine doctor Chicago!

Not feeling well and haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause? Do you have multiple chronic conditions that require you to take a lot of medications? Have you simply concluded that conventional medicine is not working for you? Consider trying functional medicine.

Why should you look for a functional medicine doctor in Chicago? We outline 5 reasons here.

Functional Medicine Explained

With a typical office visit, you go in and explain your symptoms to the doctor. He or she may ask you a few questions and order some lab tests. You’re lucky if you get more than 20 minutes with the doctor. Functional medicine practitioners take a more holistic approach in an attempt to diagnose the “root cause” of your problem. While conventional medicine treats the symptoms of diseases, functional medicine uses an individualized, science-based approach to discover the underlying reason for it.

A functional medicine practitioner treats the whole person and considers all factors, including genetics, medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, and the way your body interacts with nutrients and other biochemicals.

A Functional Medicine Visit

For one thing, a functional medicine practitioner will spend more time with you. He or she will take a complete medical history. The goal is to understand the genetic and environmental factors that might be the root cause of chronic conditions from fibromyalgia to allergies and food intolerance.

Conditions treated:

  • Thyroid conditions
  • Bowel conditions (IBS, Crohn’s disease, Colitis)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraine headaches
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Food allergies & chemical sensitivities
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Dizziness & balance problems

Blood, urine, and stool samples will be tested, as well as saliva. Together, this information should reveal the source of your condition. Now that you have a better understanding of functional medicine, let’s outline some reasons why you should seriously consider it. 5 Reasons to Visit a Functional Medicine Doctor

Going to a functional medicine practitioner might seem like a risk. However, there are strong reasons why it makes sense.

1. You’ve Tried Everything Else

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you tried conventional means with no answers? If you have an unexplained or undiagnosed condition with no relief in sight, a functional medicine practitioner may hold the answers. Even something as benign as “exhaustion” could be due to a sleep disorder, stress, poor nutrition, mood disorders, or any number of causes. These problems can all be addressed with functional medicine. You can feel better again.

2. Blood Tests Show Nothing

There's nothing more frustrating than knowing something is “off,” but having blood tests turn out to be inconclusive. Normal blood work doesn’t negate the fact that you still feel sick, fatigued, or pained. Your conventional doctor just may not be asking the right questions, or any. A functional medicine doctor has the training to get to the root cause of your condition.

3. You Have Multiple Conditions

If you have multiple chronic conditions, it’s likely you’re seeing multiple doctors and specialists. Each physician treats a specific problem, but what if all of your problems stem from the same source ? A functional medicine physician looks at your entire health picture. He or she discovers the reason for some (if not all) of your conditions. This way, you're being treated as a whole person rather than a list of symptoms to be managed by various doctors.

4. You Take Multiple Medications

Conventional medicine puts much stock in prescription medications. There’s even a term for people who take multiple prescription meds, called “polypharmacy.” While many medications are beneficial, taking too many can become problematic. Perhaps you only have mild relief of your symptoms. Or maybe you’ve experienced unpleasant and even dangerous side effects as the result of certain medications.

Because functional medicine gets to the root cause of your condition, treatment can be more successful. You may even be able to stop taking medications altogether.

5. You Can Save Money

We probably don’t have to tell you that going to the doctor can be expensive. If you have chronic conditions that require regular visits and a variety of medications, the dollars can really add up. In some cases, you have to stay on those medications for life. Functional medicine focuses on disease prevention and wellness through a healthy lifestyle. For instance, many chronic conditions are the result of poor gut health.

Basically, the good bacteria in your gut – which helps keep you healthy – can become compromised. You may have too little or too much of certain types of bacteria. This imbalance results in a number of serious conditions, from heart disease and diabetes to inflammatory bowel diseases and anxiety or depression. A functional medicine doctor will discover the reason for your condition and then work to improve your health through lifestyle and dietary changes, and other therapies. You'll feel better and the need for constant doctor visits and medications subsides.

When You Can’t Get Answers, Ask a Functional Medicine Doctor in Chicago

Chronic conditions are a rising health epidemic. A study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health revealed that nearly half (45% or 133 million) of adults in the U.S. have at least one chronic disease. Other data from the Centers for Disease Control estimates that treating chronic diseases costs $3.3 trillion annually.

Conventional medicine doesn’t always have the answer to chronic disease. If you have an unexplained condition or one that hasn’t responded to treatment, it may be time to look elsewhere. Do a search to find a “functional medicine doctor near me” or “functional medicine doctor Chicago” and see if you can get better results.

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