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A Brief Guide to Functional Medicine in Chicago

If you’re interested in functional medicine in your area, we can help. Click here for a brief guide to functional medicine Chicago!

The doctors of our future will stray away from medicine and focus on functional medicine. In-house patient care including diet and prevention will still be prevalent. However, at the start of the 20th century, medicine has continued to evolve.

The foods we eat and prevention methods towards diseases are our traditional methods. Diseases are diagnosed and matched with a Big Pharma drug. This causes us to spend more on health care than other countries and add to the U.S having the most chronic disease and shortest life span in the world. Despite having incredible advancements with life-saving surgeries and emergency care, we still have a long way to go. When it comes to longevity and chronic health conditions, things could be improved. Functional medicine offers sustainable health solutions for those willing to learn about it.

If you’re interested in functional medicine in your area, we can help. Here is a brief guide to functional medicine Chicago!

Functional Medicine Handles Labs Differently

On medical labs, there’s typically a range of references to show you what to consider as “normal”. Things outside of that reference range are usually labeled as “high” or “low”. This reference range is determined by statistical bell curves showing the population’s average. If you have a lab result that is one digit away from being outside of that reference range, you’d still be “normal”. But disease won’t begin as soon as you outside of this range. Either you trend towards disease, outside of that reference range, or you’re moving towards optimal health.

Many people go to their doctor to learn why they’re struggling with health issues, despite having a normal lab. They’re advised that nothing is wrong and often left with no answers or solutions. A functional medicine doctor can shed light on unanswered health questions.

Functional Medicine Chicago Run More Extensive Labs

Having your labs interpreted by a standard medical doctor is the societal norm. Yet, a functional medicine practitioner will go beyond the label of the disease. They look at the full scope of a patient’s physiology to get the clearest picture. Usually, standard labs diagnose a disease that they can match with an appropriate pharmaceutical drug. The labs most doctors run are adequate when they prescribe medications. However, they are still very incomplete compared to a functional medicine doctor.

An integrative medicine clinic can look at underlying deficiencies, imbalances, infections, and dysfunctions. The functional medicine practitioner can provide insight into these overlooked aspects of health. And you can finally solve your personal puzzle on treating yourself with care.

Functional Medicine Provides Personalized Healthcare

Once the mainstream medicine labels you with a disease, you become a statistic. You’ll be prescribed the same medications that everyone else with that disease gets. This cookie-cutter approach can sometimes work but often fails miserably. Functional medicine acknowledges that we are all designed a bit differently. Therefore, what works for one person may not work for you. A customized health program handles you as the unique person that you are.

Functional Medicine Doctors Spend More One-On-One Time with You

Modern medicine can get really bogged down with symptom care. Hence why every six months you’re advised to see your doctor. Americans suffering from chronic health conditions are in need of more personalized care. Crisis care, such as emergencies, have one of the greatest health care systems in the world. When it comes to chronic health care, the U.S prioritizes industrializing health care. However, you can take back the reins by searching for “a functional doctor near me”.

Functional Medicine Reveals Underlying Dysfunctions

While modern medicine is designed to manage symptoms, functional medicine’s focus is different. It addresses the underlying dysfunctions of your body that may not have symptoms. High blood sugar medications only brings blood sugar down but does not heal the person. Functional medicine doctors ask why a patient has high blood sugar, to begin with. It’s very rare that someone becomes sick from a medication deficiency. They could have cellular insulin resistance, a chronic gut infection or other complications.

Medication can make lab results look good on paper. However, medication does not always address the reasons why your body is malfunctioning. Functional medicine is the missing link to building longevity.

Functional Medicine Practitioners Promote More Natural Treatments

Functional medicine is not about anti-medication but about what is most effective. An integrative medicine clinic provides the medication with the fewest side effects. If a medication fits certain criteria, it could be the best option, but often it isn’t. Functional medicine reminds us that food can be medicine. Food is used as medicine in many different conditions. Herbal and other holistic approaches to medicines address underlying dysfunctions to target issues.

Having natural options and foods can still work better for someone else over you. It’s best to tailor the program you need instead of being the alternative version of Big Pharma. There is no “magic pill” and there is also no anecdote using food to solve every health problem. This new age of natural health care is backed up by a growing amount of evidence. Technology gives us the opportunity to share functional medicine with others. And the future of medicine is in better hands when we are given more options for treating ourselves.

Bottom Line on Functional Medicine Chicago

Do you know what your health is really requiring from you? To be of optimal health, consider functional medicine Chicago , today. We can help you ditch your poor habits and re-develop some of your healthiest practices!


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