How to Find the Best Functional Medicine Doctors In Chicago: 5 Things to Look For

Doctor discussing with patient

Functional medicine is the future of the health industry. Why? Functional medicine doctors don’t treat your symptoms. Instead, these doctors find and correct the underlying cause of the problem. In other words, their practice involves the optimal wellness of the body, meaning they avoid expensive tests and medications when they can. This type of medicine […]

Why Chicago Allergies Are Getting Worse and What to Do About It

Young woman in yellow sweater sneezing

You’re suffering and have all the symptoms of allergies : sneezing, itching, runny nose, watery eyes. But you’re definitely sure your allergies weren’t this bad a decade ago. You haven’t moved, and in fact, were born and raised in Chicago. You’re not just imagining it; allergies in this particular area really are getting worse. But […]

A Brief Guide to Functional Medicine in Chicago

If you’re interested in functional medicine in your area, we can help. Click here for a brief guide to functional medicine Chicago! The doctors of our future will stray away from medicine and focus on functional medicine. In-house patient care including diet and prevention will still be prevalent. However, at the start of the 20th […]

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