Functional Medicine vs Integrative Medicine: What Are the Differences?

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(630) 289-0440 Call for free consultation There is a lot of overlap between functional medicine and integrative medicine. In this article, we’ll explain ways the two differ. In a world where new medicines, treatments, and philosophies are springing into the mainstream all of the time, it’s tough to know where one type of medicine ends […]

The Story of Dr. Mehmet Oz (TV’s Dr. Oz) and Functional Medicine

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Dr. Oz, is a Turkish American television personality, cardiothoracic surgeon, and Columbia University professor. Here we look at his role in functional medicine The rise of Dr. Mehmet Oz changed the way Americans view functional medicine. Though he has his fair share of critics, Dr. Oz presents a path to wellness worth exploring. The field of […]

And Now a Word from Our Skeptics: Is Functional Medicine Legitimate?

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There is no question that functional medicine has its share of critics. They’ve been quite prolific in their criticism. What arguments do they make? Not unlike the commercials for PalMal cigarettes in the mid-80s, functional medicine has come a long way, baby. The journey started with roots in folk and traditional Chinese medicine and worked […]

Are the Principles of Holistic Care What Unite Osteopathy and Functional Medicine?

Modern rehabilitation physiotherapy worker with woman client

Osteopaths and functional medicine practitioners have been identifying areas of common interest. Is this only about the principles of holistic care? The last few decades have seen steep growth in the overall popularity of alternative medicine. Today, the “alternative medicine” umbrella covers many different approaches to care, including the principles of holistic care. This growth in popularity […]

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