Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Testosterone therapy is provided for both, men as well as women making them feel desirable, healthier and energetic. It is beneficial in conserving the bone density, fat distribution, facial and body hair, production of red blood cells, sex desire and sperm production.


Testosterone is a hormone that is related to sexual urge which plays a vital role in sperm production found more in men as it is the most important male sex hormone that causes changes during puberty. Primarily produced in testes, the adrenal glands also contribute to a small amount of testosterone and thus are more likely to suffer from testosterone deficiencies and as such is found in a lesser amount in women which influences the bones and muscles, and, whereas, the irregularity of the levels could lead to mood swings as well as physical and mental health.

Testosterone expands remarkably during adolescence and deteriorates after the age of 30.

With the exceptions of the influence of testosterone during adolescence such as production of adult features, testosterone replacement is very much essential in getting rid of reduced sex drive, depression, weariness, which falls into the category of testosterone deficiency. There are several other symptoms or indications which comprises of increased breast size, irritability, lack of concentration, erectile dysfunction as well as poor sperm counts. Testosterone replacement helps in improving the signs and symptoms of low testosterone for men suffering from hypogonadism, a disease caused due to insufficient testosterone which occurs due to testicles problems or the pituitary gland which controls the testicles. Such patients may be advised testosterone in the form of injections, pills, patches or gels.

Testosterone replacement therapy is also additionally beneficial in improving sexuality or lean muscle mass.

However, in case of adults with low testosterone, could also be benefitted from the increase in red blood cell production in order to overrule the effects of anemia.

On the other hand, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has been suggested for women who suffer from hormonal imbalance such as – low sex drive, dry skin, sagging breasts, stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, vaginal dryness, sleep disorders, hot flashes, irritability as well as fatigue. It has also been approved that such women have fewer visible signs of aging and are less likely to be inflicted with colon cancer, heart attack as well as Alzheimer.

Most importantly, the contribution of testosterone in protecting the body against the development of various other health concerns includes diabetes, heart as well as vascular disease. Moreover, increasing sex drive is absolutely possible by means of testosterone replacement therapy wherein the interconnection between testosterone and libido becomes distinct and clear as maintaining and protecting sufficient amount of hormone which is important for the body in providing a healthy sex life.

Testosterone replacement therapy offers affordable treatment options for men and women with low testosterone or insufficient hormones.

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